Feel free to ask Human !

Spout Big Space

Why are you the best music group in history?
Because. Thank you

Why can’t I connect to your site?
You must pay your internet subscription, you tramp.

Where are you from ?
From a distant ring planet. But not the one you think. Donut?

Are you single?
It depends. Bacob has never known love but has already mated with three humans. We have already mated with different “living beings” but we are not convinced.

How are you doing to be so beautiful?
Nothing complicated. In the morning, open a can of tuna. Mix it with a little applesauce. Spread the result under your eyelids. Then tap your head 3 times on the sink. Collect the red liquid obtained and mix it with the rest of your delicious tuna-apple mix. Put this in the microwave. And hop, have a good day. Enjoy your meal

I can not stop listening to your music, what can I do?
Call the police or emergency number 112